Ash Wednesday 1 and 7 p.m.

gospel-in-seven-wordsThe church season of Lent is a period of forty days (minus Sundays) before Easter.  During this time we have special Wednesday services at 1:00 and 7:00 p.m.

Imagine that a friend or family member who is unfamiliar with the Christian faith asks you to summarize the gospel. She isn’t looking for a laundry list of doctrines. She has no interest in hearing you recite the Apostles’ Creed. She wants to get to the heart of the matter. “In seven words or less,” she says, “tell me what you believe as a Christian.”

What would you say? How would you put it? Are you be prepared to confess your faith in Jesus?

To be a Christian is to “believe with your heart” and “confess with your mouth” the good news of God’s love for us in Christ (Romans 10:9–10). Peter calls us to be prepared always to give a reason for the hope we have as Christians (1 Peter 3:15). Christians have the best news in the world to share! But are we prepared to share it?

During this season of Lent, we’re going to prepare to celebrate Holy Week by sharing why Holy Week is so important. Our midweek worship services will serve as opportunities to consider the many ways in which the Scriptures proclaim Jesus. During the week, each of you will be working on your own summary, with the hopes that all of us are more prepared to share the good news of Jesus. Come and join us this Lent, and join us by crafting your own confession of the gospel!

A Meager Meal will be served before each of the services at noon and 6:00 p.m.

You are invited to share this special time with us.